preserve and protect escambrón

The mission of the Escambrón Conservancy is to preserve and protect Escambrón as a source of enjoyment for all.

Escambrón is the most picturesque beach in San Juan. Protected by a coral reef and landscaped with tall palm trees, Escambrón invites you to enjoy its crystal clear waters filled with marine life. Here you’ll experience the relaxing pleasures of a tropical Blue Flag beach. If you want action, you can snorkel, scuba dive, surf, visit the historic Bateria El Escambrón, and enjoy a spectacular sunset on the oceanside trail.

escambrón needs you

In order to preserve Escambrón, we need you to contribute. The Escambrón Conservancy was born of community activism and relies on people like you to get involved. Your membership, volunteering, stewardship, and donations will keep Escambrón as a public treasure for all visitors and residents.

san juan's treasure

Escambrón is San Juan’s backyard—and needs all visitors to get involved in its care. From the beach, you will see a beautiful view of Old San Juan. But it’s not just a community park—it’s a tourist attraction and economic generator, with an impact on the fiscal, social, economic, environmental, cultural, physical, and mental health of San Juan’s citizens.