Escambrón is a precious treasure that needs constant maintenance. However, rather than relying solely on the municipality of San Juan to maintain Escambrón, we believe that citizens should play a vital role. If you have an idea for improving Escambrón, please submit your idea to us.

Email your idea to:

Current Projects include:

rebuild ramp

The ramp to access La Poza del Escambrón was devastated by hurricane Maria. For many years, this ramp has been in a dangerous state of disrepair.

Plant Trees

Hurricane Maria devastated the trees at Escambrón. Many shady areas have lost much of the tree cover. We need to plant trees as soon as possible to replace and add to what was lost.

improve lighting

Over the years, virtually all of the lights have been damaged. Whether the damaged was caused by a hurricane or neglect, the result is the same: total darkness that makes the park unsafe.

repair kiosks

Most of the kiosks are unused and in a state of disrepair. Yet, many  businesses would like to open shop if kiosks are available.